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Tenant’s guide: cases of eviction for non-payment


If you live in New York in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens or… A written rent application must give you at least 14 days notice to pay the rent…

Free 14-Day Departure Notice in New York (Rent Application) | No …


… A 14-Day Notice to Quit in New York, also known as a “Rent Demand” or “Rent Demand,” is a type of document used by landlords when a tenant…

What are the steps of an eviction for non-payment of rent? – Help for NY tenants


Overdue Notice #2: This is the 14 day rent request. After delivery, your landlord must wait at least 14 days before starting eviction proceedings in court.

The process due when the rent is due: residential non-payment…


… The five-day notice requirement applies to rentals at all times, whether or not eviction for nonpayment is contemplated, and it works…

New York City Landlord’s Guide to Eviction Notices for Non-Payment of…


To begin the eviction process, the landlord must give the tenant a written request to pay the rent in full or vacate the rental unit within 14 days.

New York Rent Application 14 Days Notice | ezLandlordForms


… If you have a tenant who hasn’t paid their rent, you can serve them with a 14-day rent demand. This notice informs the tenant that he must …

Summary proceedings (evictions) | NYCOUTS.GOV


Coronavirus and New York State Courts – Latest AO… The 14 day notice must state the amount of rent due and the period for which the amount is…

New York State’s New Eviction Laws | Barclay Damon


… Now, under the new RPAPL 711, there must be a written request for rent with at least 14 days’ notice, giving the tenant more time in…

General information about evictions in New York – LawNY


… You owe rent and you have received a 14-day notice for rent (a 30-day notice is required if you are renting in a manufactured home…

Free 14 Day New York Rental Request | Non-payment of rent | PDF


New York’s fourteen (14) day notice to pay or vacate is used to notify a tenant of the landlord’s intent to terminate the tenancy agreement and file a …

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