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Cupid Wings | Animal Jam Item Worth Wiki | Fandom

…When Cupid Wings first came out, they had a bright white sheen on them. There are seven varieties of these wings. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS…

Cupid Wings | Classic Animal Jam Wiki | Fandom

The Cupid’s Wings are a member-only earth garment that is worn on the back. They first came out on February 8, 2014 on Jam Mart Clothing.

“Cupid’s Shining Wings” | AJ Amino Amino

…Cupid’s wings come in all kinds of colors like red, pink, purple,… This could include: humanized AJ characters, anything drawn in art…

Cupid’s Wings in Animal Jam – AJ Rare Item Guide

… Cupid’s Wings made their first appearance on February 8, 2014, just days before Valentine’s Day. This is a members-only article, focused on the…

Cupid Wings | Animal Jam Shop Pricing Wiki | Fandom

…Last Updated 5/15/20 Cupid’s Wings are a members-only Earth Garment that is worn on the back. It was first published on February 8…

AJ Classic Rares For Cheap – Cupid’s Wings by CrowSells on DeviantArt

…all non-shiny cupid wings [without rim] are $1 rim cupid wings are 50 cents i take payment only through virtual amazon gift cards,…

Cupid Collection | Play Wild Item Worth Wiki | Fandom

Note: Cupid’s Wings have another version earned by trading with Leilani. Watch out for the differences – the original will never have a “Rare…

AJ Painting: Cupid Wings: Glossy vs. Non-Glossy by Somebodyexe…

AJ Paint: Cupid’s Wings: Glossy or non-gloss. Published: June 4, 2019. By. Someoneex. Look. 8 Favorites. 2 comments. 493 views.

Golden Cupid Wings | Animal Jam Wiki | Fandom

…not to be confused with Cupid Wings, Rare Cupid Wings, or Jamaaliday Cupid Wings. The Golden Cupid Wings are a garment worn on the back…

How much are Cupid’s wings worth? –AnswerToAll

Where do you get a spiked collar on Animal Jam play wild? How do you get rare pets on AJ? How do you play the forgotten…

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