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موقع الحق والضلال هو موقع مسيحى قبطى يهتم بالشان المصري يجمع الاخبار من مصادر مختلفه لاهتمام اقباط المهجر لاخبار مصر العزيزه – حق, ضلال, الحق والضلال, مسيحي, قبطي, مصري, اخبار عامه, فيديو, بالفيديو, السيسي, منوعات, بسبب, اخبار. ..

what is christian dogma

Dogma is a set of beliefs accepted by a member of a group without being questioned or questioned. In biblical Christianity, dogma is the body of biblical teaching proclaimed and accepted by Orthodox Christians. Biblical Christianity must be believed by every Christian, so to be orthodox, Christian dogma must align with scripture.

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Dogma is an official system of principles or doctrines of a religion, such as Roman Catholicism, or the positions of a philosopher or philosophical school such as Stoicism. In the pejorative sense, dogma refers to imposed decisions, such as those of aggressive political interests or authorities.

What is Christian dogma? Should Christians Be Dogmatic?

A dogma of religion held by Christians is that God cannot lie, that he is eternal, that he has always existed and that he is also sinless and holy. It is an objectively true and immutable dogma.

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In Christianity, dogma is the set of biblical doctrines proclaimed and accepted by Christians. The dogma of the Christian religion is that which is preached from the pulpit, taught by Christian leaders, and believed by followers of Christ. To be orthodox, Christian dogma must align with the teaching of the Word of God.

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الحق والضلال

الحق والضلال موقع الحق والضلال يقدم كل ما يفيد الاسرة من اخبار الحق Christian Dogma والالالجديد والمفيد والاحدث حول العالم والوطن العربى.

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