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Forms – Forms


This form can be used to designate agents to act on a person’s behalf in health care matters if the person becomes incapable of doing so. Illinois…

755 ILCS 45/Illinois Power of Attorney Act.


(insert name of director). I certify that to the best of my knowledge, the grantor had the capacity to execute the power of attorney, is alive and…

Advance Directives – About Us


See 755 ILCS 45/2-1, 3-3 (Illinois Powers of Attorney Law). “[T]The principal may empower the mandatary to act throughout the life of the principal, including during …

Power of attorney for health care


The written form is often referred to as an “advance directive”. You can use this form or another form, as long as it meets Illinois legal requirements. The …

What is an Enduring Power of Attorney in Illinois? | Hays LLC


Forms are found in Illinois State Statutes and can be modified as needed. For example, the Illinois Enduring Power of Attorney for Property provides…

Free Durable Illinois Power of Attorney Form (statutory) – Word | PDF …


…An Illinois Enduring Power of Attorney is a statutory form that allows a person to choose someone else to act on their behalf to…

PDF Templates – Free Illinois Power of Attorney Forms


If the power of attorney is durable, the authority will maintain the incapacity of the principal, that is to say that even if the person for whom the power of attorney …

Power of Attorney Requirements in Illinois » helpful wiki legalzoom.com


Under Illinois law, you can have a power of attorney that remains in effect after an incapacity (known as a “durable” power of attorney) or that does not become effective unless the…

Free Illinois Enduring Power of Attorney Form – Adobe PDF


The Illinois Enduring Power of Attorney form allows the grantor (person creating the form) to appoint an agent to oversee their finances and make…

Illinois Enduring Power of Attorney Laws – FindLaw


…While “living wills” are legally binding documents that indicate whether you wish to remain on life support after a serious illness or…

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