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Oregon Judicial Department: Landlord and Tenant: Forms Center…


General Residential Eviction Judgment and Prize Money, PDF, add. Notice regarding your rights to protection against eviction for non-payment, PDF, add.

The eviction process in Oregon: Rules for landlords and property…


Unconditional Notice to Quit: In certain situations, the landlord may give the tenant an unconditional 24-hour notice to quit. Using this review, the owner will…

Oregon Free Eviction Notice Forms | Processes and Laws – Word | PDF …


… An Oregon eviction notice is a notice given by a landlord to a tenant informing them of a breach of a lease. The review will include a…

Residential eviction notice


In cases where a landlord has the right to give an eviction without cause after the first year of tenancy, the notice requirement is generally 60 days, 90 days in…

Tenant Defenses Against Eviction in Oregon | Nolo


2. The landlord may also give notice to the tenant on the fifth day after the due date for the rent. However, if the landlord gives the notice after only five days…

Oregon Eviction Laws: The Process and Timeline in 2022


…Timeline of Oregon’s eviction process; Issuance of official notice, 24 hours-30 days, Written notice of eviction must be given prior to the process.

Oregon Eviction Process [2022]: Laws, calendar and FAQ


… Oregon eviction process · A notice is posted to correct the problem/evacuation. · If not healed and tenant remains, the complaint is filed and served.

Notice of eviction | Welcome to OregonLawHelp.org | A free guide…


Written By: Oregon Legal Aid Services · Information · How does a landlord give notice of termination? · What types of termination notices can a landlord give me…



… Until December 31, 2020, no landlord in Oregon is allowed to do any of the following: • Give notice of termination for non-payment of rent, …

Oregon Eviction Moratorium FAQs | Portland.gov


This law requires a landlord to attach a notice of the right to …

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