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Virginia Free Eviction Notice Forms | Processes and Laws – PDF | Word…


A Virginia eviction notice is used when a tenant has not paid rent when due or has violated other terms of the lease. The first step of…

Virginia Eviction Laws: Process and Timeline in 2022


… In Virginia, landlords can evict tenants for breach of lease. The landlord must give tenants 30 days notice to comply, which provides them with…

The Eviction Process in Virginia: Rules for Landlords and Property…


When evicting a tenant in Virginia, a landlord must first terminate the lease. In most cases, the landlord will have to give notice to the tenant…

Free eviction notice forms in Virginia [Notice to Quit]


In Virginia, landlords must give tenants 21 days notice before the eviction process begins if the breach of the lease is remediable. Meanwhile, tenants have the …

Eviction Process | Sheriff


Fairfax County, Virginia – Eviction is a process by which a landlord takes possession of a rental property by bringing a lawsuit against the tenant and…

Eviction Process – Henrico County, Virginia


Overview of the Virginia Eviction Process STEP 1 – Notice to Pay (14 Days) or Resign (30 Days) STEP 2 – Pay Before the Notice Period Ends STEP 3 – Illegal Summons…

Navigating the Virginia Deportation Process with a 5 Day Notice Form


Virginia 5 Day Notice (Non-Payment of Rent)… In all cases of eviction, the law states that a landlord must serve written notice of eviction in Virginia. For cases of…

Virginia Eviction Process [2022]: Laws, timeline and FAQ


…Virginia Eviction Process Step 1: Notice is Posted Step 2: Complaint is Filed and Served Step 3: Court Hearing and Judgment Step 4: Writ of…

What type of notice must a landlord give to evict? No matter …


action of illegal detention (a deportation) in the. General District Court (GDC). NOTE: Under Virginia law, if you don’t have a lease and don’t pay rent,…

Legal FAQs for Tenants in Virginia


In Virginia, your landlord must give you formal notice that they can take you to court to evict you if you don’t pay your rent (or for other reasons).

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