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[exhentai][error] Failed to authenticate… Issue #370 mikf/gallery-dl …


[exhentai][error] Authentication failed… #370. Firm. MyAngelAkko opened this issue on August 2, 2019 2 comments.

FAQ: I can’t connect to exhentai! | HDoujin Downloader


If you get an error when trying to login to exhentai.org or ehentai.org, it may be trying to validate the login attempt by captcha.

Exhentai Passport – Get this extension for Firefox (en-US)


…Install this addon. Open exhentai.org. Follow the trick and connect to the electronic forums. Reopen exhentai.org. Enjoy it 🙂 .

Unable to login with extension Issue #6 HitomaruKonpaku/SadPanda


…when I enter my username and password and press “login”, it takes me back to the login page. Am I doing something wrong?

What’s going on with Sad Panda/ ExHentai.org? : r/DataHoarder


… I have the white screen, still unable to log in after many cookie clearings. Does anyone have any other methods? Upvote 1

Unable to access Exhentai, does anyone here have a similar problem…


Every time I try to visit the site I get an error. Even after clearing my history and… I needed to clear all cookies and log in to e-hentai.

1367688 – ExHentai Easy 2 no longer works!


Actual results: I received an error message from this exhentai.org page with the… Whenever I enter a fake id, I get the “error failure” message and…

Technical issues – EHWiki


… This article is intended to help E-Hentai users with any technical issues they may encounter. Contents. 1 universal; 2 Account. 2.1 …

Unable to access Exhentai, does anyone here have a similar problem…


This will fix the cookie issue if your account already has access to exhentai but suddenly failed. If you still get a white screen,…

Hydrus Network – I put my login credentials for e-hentai, but I…


…Due to the relatively complicated login system used by e-hentai, …improved the message when a URL class does not match because the data…

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