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Password Jacobs Med-Tek Research Center? : r/fo4


…MacCready will say “Check that terminal over there, that sinclare password works best” and give you Jacob’s password item. Upvote 4

Med-Tek Research | Fallout Wiki | Fandom


The terminal can only be unlocked using Jacob’s password, given to the Sole Survivor by MacCready during his… Med-Tek Research only appears in Fallout 4.

Med-Tek Search Password – Fallout 4


The “Jacob’s Password” item is in Covenant. Once inside the compound there is a house to the left, inside the front door there is a small table with a key…

Med-Tek Rischerch – Jacob’s Password (Fallout 4)


… Med-Tek Rischerch – Jacob’s password (Fallout 4). Good day. This topic was, but there is still no answer. Where can I get Jacob’s password?

Med-Tek Terminal Password – Fallout 4


Since it’s been a few days since release now, I’m wondering if anyone has come across the Jacob’s Password keycard required to log in to the CEO’s terminal on…

Med-Tek Research Help :: Fallout 4 General Discussions


…Has anyone been able to find Jacob’s password to unlock the executive to stop the security lock?

Jacob’s password not working: Fallout 4


…I have Jacob’s password but it doesn’t work when I go to the terminal…side quest that takes you to the Med-Tek Research Facility.

Long Road: Macready won’t give me the password :: Fallout 4…


…I’m on the Long Road quest. Macready mentioned that he got a password from Sinclair. I found the executive terminal and it says I need Jacob…

How to open the airlock door in Med Tek Research…


How to steal Jacobs password in Fallout 4? What happens at the end of the Lost Patrol quest? How? ‘Or’ What …

MacCready won’t give me the Med-Tek password…: Fallout 4


“Keep in mind that there is a password for a terminal in Covenant called Jacob’s Password. If it’s in the player’s inventory when you enter the Med-Tek…

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