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How can I add a person to my title deed?

You will need to transfer an interest by writing another deed with the person’s name on it. In California, you can use either a deed of grant, a quitclaim…

Complete and register deeds

California mainly uses two types of deeds: the “grant deed” and the… If you add a name or sign a deed of disclaimer, the beneficiary becomes the owner. You can not.

Add or change names on the property

effect in California: Revocable. Deed of transmission by death (TOD), also called deed of beneficiary. You can use it to name which beneficiaries.

California Deed Forms | Get a California Deed

How to Transfer Real Estate in California · Locate the most recent deed to the property. · Create a new record. · Sign and legalize the deed. · Deposit the signed, …

California Requirements for Waivers |

First, you need to make sure you fill out the quit claim correctly and have it notarized. Then take the quitclaim deed to the county registrar’s office. Build …

How to add a name to your deed

Adding a child or loved one to a deed can help you avoid probate, but it can have unintended consequences. The language and type of act you use are…

Deeds – Adding or Changing Names on Real Estate

Transactions for property located in Alameda County must comply with California law. Not all states use the same procedures or document names. Types of acts. More …

Title Transfers and Changes – California DMV

Add or remove an owner’s name; Heritage; Satisfaction of the lien (full payment of the car loan). To transfer a title, you will always need: Either …

Add your spouse to the deed –

… The easiest way to give your spouse title to your home is to sign a quitclaim deed (California people typically use a spousal grant deed). With a …

Ownership and registration of deeds

acts of the California Legislature was to adopt a system of record by which evidence…However, the term “instrument” includes, among other things, acts,…

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