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If you are filing for a minor child, file in the county where the child lives. Sex change – You can file in any circuit court in Oregon. If you also ask…

Name change records | Multnomah County

If you are not looking for existing records and want to legally change your name through a court order, contact the Multnomah County Circuit Court at (503) 988-…

Change of name and change of sex… – Oregon Department of Justice

Court staff cannot give you legal advice, including telling you which form to choose. Adult name and gender change information. Adult name change forms.

Legal Name Change – Oregon Department of Justice

In most cases, Oregon law does not allow you to change your child’s name without telling the other parent. Additionally, Oregon law generally allows parents to see their…

Change of name and/or change of sex… – Oregon Department of Justice

Oregon law permits the change of name and/or sex or gender identity in certain circumstances through a court order or administrative request.

Oregon Judicial Department: Oregon Courts Domicile: State of Oregon

Oregon court homepage. …For more information on the status of individual courts, changes to operations, access to facilities and other premises…

Change name

If you were born in Oregon, you can change your name on your birth certificate without the court ordering it to happen.

State of Oregon: Licensing – Change your name

​You must be licensed in your legal name as defined in OAR 863-014-0003​ and OAR 863-024-0003. … To notify the Agency of a legal name change: … The Oregon Real …

Biographical Information Updates | Registrar’s Office | Oregon…

Acceptable documents include marriage license, divorce decree, court order such as change of name or change of sex, certificate of naturalization, …

Oregon Health Authority: Birth Certificate: Court Ordered Name…

Oregon Vital Records will not automatically change your birth certificate if a court issues a name change order. Under Oregon law, it’s optional…

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