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151, Declaration of authorized representative (power of attorney)


INSTRUCTIONS: Use this form to authorize the Michigan Department of Treasury to communicate with a designated person or entity acting on your behalf.

Free Michigan Power of Attorney Forms | PDF Templates


The Michigan General Power of Attorney form is used to appoint an attorney of fact to conduct financial transactions on behalf of the grantor. The contract …

ORS State Employees DB – Power of Attorney and Advance …


In fact, power of attorney forms vary by state. Click the link below for a collection of appropriate forms to use in Michigan. The resistant…

386-1998-V-5 – Michigan Legislature


Enduring power of attorney unaffected by lapse of time, invalidity or incapacity; legal description of the property not required. Item 700.5503, Item …

Declaration of authorized representative (power of attorney form)


Statement of Authorized Representative (Power of Attorney Form) … or the financial institution contacts the Michigan Department of Treasury on your behalf to …

Free Michigan Power of Attorney Forms (9 Types) – PDF | Word…


…Michigan Power of Attorney forms provide a method by which a person (“Principal”) can appoint someone else (“Agent”) to represent his…

Probate Information: Enduring Power of Attorney


Information about what a durable power of attorney document is in Michigan…agent and to anyone your agent deals with (for example, your bank).

Advance Directives: Enduring Power of Attorney for Health Care…


Information on Michigan’s two types of advance directives, Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care (DPOA-HC) and Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR)…

Michigan Power of Attorney Laws | Michigan POA | Nolo


Steps to Make a Financial Power of Attorney in Michigan 1. Create the power of attorney using software or an attorney 2. Sign the power of attorney in the presence of a notary public…

Free Michigan Power of Attorney Forms | PDF and Word downloads


Michigan does not offer any type of standardized power of attorney form. You can use any form as long as it complies with Michigan Compiled Section 700.5501…

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