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Kentucky Free Surrender Application Form – Word | PDF – Electronic Forms


… A Kentucky Quitclaim Deed is a form used to transfer property into the state of Kentucky. This type of act does not offer any guarantee as to…

Lexington, Kentucky | Quitclaim – Fayette County Clerk


Waiver … A waiver is defined as follows: a deed of transfer operating by way of release; that is, intended to convey any title, interest or …

Free Kentucky Waiver | Form and writing guide


A Kentucky (KY) Quitclaim Deed is a document that transfers interest in property from one person (the transferor) to another person (the transferee).

KY Deed-Quitclaim 1 – Virtual underwriter


STATE OF KENTUCKY). ) REGION OF. ) THIS ACT OF RETENTION, made this ______ day of ______, 20_______, by and between. , whose address is …

Quitclaim Forms in Kentucky | Actes.com


A legal waiver identifies the names and addresses of each licensor and beneficiary. Kentucky law requires that all recorded documents or documents affecting a…

Waiver | Henderson County, Kentucky


Deed of renunciation… “A deed of renunciation is defined as follows: A deed of assignment operating by way of release; that is, intended to convey any title, interest or …

Free Kentucky Waiver of Application Templates (PDF & DOCX) | SwiftForm


A quitclaim deed in the state of Kentucky is a legal document used to transfer property into the state. This type of document does not provide any type of …

How can I change my name on my property? | Jefferson County VPA


File a Quitclaim Deed on your property from your old name to your new name… Email [email protected] or call (502) 574-6380 if you have any…

Kentucky Waiver Form


The Kentucky Quitclaim Deed is a document that is a document while the settlor is merely interested in giving up his or her interest or share of the…

Quitclaims: Facts for Real Estate Transfers


If a property you are about to purchase has a quitclaim deed, check very carefully before handing over your money.

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