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… A Louisiana Quitclaim Deed is used to transfer Louisiana real estate from one person to another. A waiver has no warranties or warranties…



STATE OF LOUISIANA. CADDO PARISH. CLAIM. BE IT, that on this day before me, the undersigned authority, notary public, in and for the.

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CC 517 affirms that the voluntary transfer of ownership is not fully effective without registration in the land registers of the parish where the building is located…

The Louisiana Waiver | TitleMore


The Louisiana Quitclaim… The legal document that transfers ownership of real property (i.e. a house, land, building, immobilized mobile home) can be a…

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A Louisiana quit claim is a legal document that individuals use to transfer property from one person to another within the state of Louisiana.

Free Waiver in Louisiana | Form and writing guide


A quitclaim in Louisiana (LA) is a legal document that transfers real property (such as a house or commercial building) to another person or entity.

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Quitclaims in Louisiana are provided in Word format, including warranty deeds drafted to meet the legal requirements of Louisiana residents.

Waiver Laws in Louisiana


A quitclaim deed is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to give, sell, or convey real estate located in Louisiana to someone else.

Armstrong v. Bates, 61 So. 2d 466 | Casetext Search + Citator


‘ 26 CJS, Deeds, § 118, page 415. Nevertheless, it is settled in Louisiana that a quitclaim deed is sufficient to support the acquisition of ten years …

Quitclaims: Facts for Real Estate Transfers


If a property you are about to purchase has a quitclaim deed, check very carefully before handing over your money.

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