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Probate and Family Court Forms for Wills, Estates and Trusts |

A collection of court forms related to wills, estates and trusts for use in probate and family court, sorted by subject.


made by an employee in a position of public trust. For applicants, this form should only be used after a conditional job offer has been made.

About Form 1041, United States Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts…

…The trustee of the estate, trust, or estate of a deceased domestic files Form 1041 to report: Income, deductions, gains, losses, …

Living Trust Forms – eForms

…Living Trust Forms… A living trust is a document that allows an individual, or the settlor, to place their assets for the benefit of someone else to…

Trust and estate forms

Trust and estate tax forms. Name, description, revision date. CT-1041, 2021 Connecticut Income Tax Return for Trusts and Estates – BOOKLET, 12/2021. CT-1041

Forms | Charitable Trusts Unit | NH Department of Justice

Charitable trust forms. … (Note: Form NHCT-12 registrants should certify on Form NHCT-12 Appendix D, not using Form …

Forms – Trusts, Estates, Wills – Colorado Judiciary,

Trusts, Estates, Wills Subcategories… All Probate Instructions and Forms… Estate Planning; Financial proxies; Living Trusts…

Estate and trust forms

See also the General, General Civil, and General Probate Forms Indexes for other forms that are used in probate and trust proceedings, if any…

Application to Reissue US Savings Bonds to a Personal Trust

We issue these substitute bonds in electronic form, in our online TreasuryDirect system. Series EE and Series I Savings Bonds cannot be reissued within one…

Declaration of the trustee for the certificate of title

2. They are duly appointed trustees of the aforementioned trust. 3. They have the power to buy, sell and register motor vehicles, which are…

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