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… A traditional notarization is an official act performed by a traditional notary public using his seal and physical signature on the documents.

Notarial Commissions – Commonwealth Secretary

A Virginia notary’s seal must be photographically reproducible and contain the notary’s name exactly as it appears on the notary’s commission, the words “…

Free Virginia Notary Acknowledgment Form – Word | PDF – Electronic Forms

… A Virginia Notary Acknowledgment Form is a document used by a notary public to verify signatures on official documents.

West Virginia Notary Handbook

Read the notarial laws. Always put a full acknowledgment from the notary on the document you legalize. NEVER simply affix your notary stamp and sign your name, …

Office of the Commonwealth Secretary – Authentications…

…to verify that the documents were issued or notarized by certain Virginia officials who are listed in good standing with the Commonwealth of Virginia.

VA Notarized Certificates

VA notarized certificates. Acknowledgments for the individual: Commonwealth of Virginia. Region of ______. The instrument above was recognized before me…

PDF – Word – Free Virginia Notary Acknowledgment Forms

A Virginia Jurat is a simple form that indicates that a legal document has been signed in the presence of a notary and that the signer has taken an oath or solemn affirmation…

§ 47.1-2. Definitions

“Acknowledgment of receipt” means a deed in which a person at a single time and place (i) appears in person before the notary and presents a document; …

Virginia Code § 55-113 – Recognition in the United States…

(1) On the certificate of such clerk or his deputy, a notary public, a commissioner in chancery, or a clerk of any court of record in the United States…


… “Electronic Notarial Certificate” means the part of a notarized electronic document that is completed by the Notary Public, …

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