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Free Georgia General Warranty Deed Form – Word | PDF – Electronic Forms


A Georgia General Warranty Deed is used by a seller (grantor) of property to transfer and secure title to a buyer (grantee). This type of act includes a…

Georgia Proceedings | About the Deed System | GSCCCA


The Clerks Authority and Clerks of the Superior Court of Georgia have created a first-of-its-kind system that provides unprecedented access to records and…

Proceedings – Clerk of the Cobb County Superior Court


Deed of guarantee · The deed must describe the property, complete legal description. Name the party(ies) transferring ownership (licensor) Name the party/ …

Commonly Used Acts and… – Georgia Title & Escrow Company


The warranty deed offers the highest quality of title. In a deed of guarantee, the licensor undertakes to guarantee and defend the concessionaire against a defect of title. So …

GUARANTEE DEED GA – Virtual Subscriber


… G DEED OF GUARANTEE … TO HAVE AND HOLD the said plot or parcel of land, with all and singular rights, members and dependencies thereof, to …

Deed of Guarantee vs Quitclaim in Georgia


… Most property transferred to Georgia is transferred by security deed. Although a general guarantee deed is the most common, other types of deeds, …

Georgia Warranty Deed Forms | Actes.com


In a general warranty deed in Georgia, a general warranty of title against claims of all persons covers defects in title, even if they are known to the…

Deed of Limited Warranty (Special) (GA) | Practical law


In Georgia, a limited special warranty deed provides that a grantor warrants and defends the property to the grantee only against any claim arising out of, …

Deed of guarantee (GA) | Practical law


Deed of Guarantee (GA)… A deed of guarantee transferring title and legal interest in real estate from the grantor to the concessionaire with all covenants and warranties.

Georgia General Warranty Deed Form


The Georgia General Warranty Deed is a legal document known as a Warranty Deed. This deed is the deed that is used most frequently in the transfer of real estate …

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